Wabi Kusa Like a Pro
Mixing both of my passions, design and aquatic life.
These two spreads were my submissions to the 2012 Society of Publication Designers student competition. I entered this in the How-To category, with the intention that this would be a fun project for a young DIYer who wanted a new challenge. It takes house plants to a new level by taking aquatic plants that are grown emersed out of water. They can be difficult to start and even maintain, without constant daily misting, high humidity, and warm temperatures they can dry up pretty quickly. I made if fit in a more feminine magazine that is for crafty, arty young women or people who love making and doing things with their hands. So I hand drew most of the illustrations, but then placed one image at the end so you could see what it really looks like when you are finished. I used green to match the plants, and pink to up the femininity and to compliment the green without being bold and loud like bright red might be. I also used many dotted rules since those are very fashionable right now.

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