Lumen Vodka Mixer Branding & Packaging
For this project it was more than a mere identity design, or just a few bottle designs, it was the whole branding. This was a partner project within our class, and my partner was Hillary Nelson, who did the art directing. We had to design the bottles, a box, shirts, pamphlets or website (we did a Facebook social media page for our brand), logo, and a drink responsibly poster. The name Lumen comes from the SI unit of measurable visible light, which is called a Lumen. The beverage actually glows when it is shaken because of some awesome future sciencey stuff. We also designed with a young, post-graduate audience in mind. They are young, sophisticated, attempting to network, but still like to party. This drink is forsure to catch the eye, if not only a possible date, but also a potential employer. The designs were also inspired by a mix of a few key art movements (a stipulation for the assignment) that included modern graffiti, cubism, and futurism. The tagline we created, " Lighten Up" was also significant in that it had multiple meanings. Lighten up, it is a low-calorie mixer, so it literally can help lighten you. Lighten up, it is alcoholic, so it can lighten your spirits. Lighten up, when you shake it, IT GLOWS!
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